Overnight Care

Overnight Pet Sitting

One of our Pet Care Pros will spend the night pet sitting in your home with your best friend. This is a great alternative to boarding and allows your pet to stay at home, eat their food and sleep in their bed.

Our Pet Care Pros will even check your mail and water your plants if needed!

This service gives you total peace of mind that your pet and your home are secure.

Cuddle Buddy


  • 12 hr overnight stay
  • Evening & morning walk
  • Food, water & lots of love
  • Text and picture updates

~ $70 ~


Sleeping Dog

Optional add-ons


  • Extended stay $15 / 2hrs
  • 15 min midday walk + $18
  • 30 min midday walk + $20
  • 45 min midday walk + $26


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